Viktor Grishcuk came to the United States from the Ukrain in 1994 and began granite
fabrication in Seattle Washington in 2000.  In 2003 Viktor moved to Kentucky and
began installation and fabrication for several local fabricator
s.  In November 2005
Quality Stone Countertops was born with Viktor and Alex Glushchak, along with two
other fabricators.  

Viktor hired his Project Consultant Jennifer Clifton in April 2006.  Jennifer provides
you with personal service, along with helping nurture you through the selection
process.   Jennifer can be reached at (859) 338-8890 to schedule a free
Today, we are growing and expanding over the entire state of Kentucky.  With Viktor
and Alex's reputation for craftmandship and service word has spread quickly.  We
aquire most of our business from word of mouth and referrals in the industry.   
Alex and Viktor in Chicago for the 2007
Coverings Trade Show
Jennifer Clifton
in Chicago for
the 2007
Covering Trade